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I feel so awful and shallow but this has been bugging me for so long. We have been together nearly 20 years and he had always looked older than his years but now has aged so badly people mistake him for my dad. Oh, once when I went home for a vacation my family said he looked like an old man. I’m struggling to find him attractive at all. I know we all age, but he seems to have aged so prematurely and extremely I am wondering whether I can get past this and help him. I am a Caucasian woman in my mid 40’s and he is only 45, I love him, but I don’t know what I can do. Before people mention greys and wrinkles, he does not have grey hair he uses hair dye and its mostly his face that has issues like bad skin almost. I would never think to leave him, I just want to help him. This is a lot more extreme than most other people his age