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I don’t quite understand why everyone is getting so worked up over this thing that we all call Roe versus Wade. The thing that I see in this situation is, that many women need to learn how to keep their legs closed instead of going and sleeping around with every man that they see. It’s almost like you want an excuse to be a hoe. This is just my opinion because of course we can say whatever we feel on this site, but I’m just stressing this because it is something that I’ve been holding in for a long time. I just felt like sharing my opinions today. Everyone wants to think that all the Republicans are being such bad people but the truth is, it’s the Democrats.

I am a white conservative woman who believes in my Christian values. I don’t think that I have to have your opinion or follow your rules to be that. I am so tired of everything always being bad when someone steps up and they have rules and they have opinions that don’t fit the everyday standard of Life you assholes created. The Democrats has ruined the whole thing of Life as we know it today. A lot of people just want to find many reasons to get out of being a responsible parent, and being a responsible adult. If you don’t want to have kids it is simple, just stop opening up your legs to every man or every woman that you see.

As a christian, and I speak for all Christians I do not think that anyone would be happy about allowing people to just go and killing innocent children that had nothing to do about deciding to be here. You don’t have the right to take a life or put down to death. That is God’s job to do these types of things that is why it’s important that we teach the Bible to people so they can understand what is really going on. It seems like to me, that America just doesn’t want to follow the rules when it comes to being a wholesome American. This means that you have to do whatever it takes to support you and your family if you make a stupid decision to get pregnant or are you sleep with more than one man and find yourself on welfare with five or six or seven or eight or nine different kids.

My thing would be, stop making America pay for something that you have clearly gotten yourself into. It is not our job to take care of you and your children when you laid up and open your legs to get pregnant. When I got pregnant from being very sloppy with my life, I made sure that I dedicated my time to take care of my children. I would not have it any other way, why would anyone on Earth want to give away their own children or put their children to death that they laid up and probably slept with someone else husband on Purpose? doesn’t make sense to me.