YouTube Screenshot

I have to say I’m really exhausted just by going looking at a YouTube video. It seems like everyone feels like they have a degree to give journalism. But in fact, it’s really frustrating to go to people’s YouTube channels to hear stories and they have no degree, and they sound like they’re illiterate. Not saying that they are, but it’s hard to get through a story when someone is always saying um every 5 minutes or stuttering over their words giving the story. I just left Nique at Nite and her storytelling is exhausting I feel like I need to get a nap after watching just a 30 minute video 🤣 🤣. I just think it needs to be a little better and she needs to work on her storytelling skills. Just because you know about a story and have a YouTube channel does not make you a Journalist. I wish that YouTube would just request that any blogger have at least a 4 year degree in Psychology or Journalism to be able to report stories. This is just my opinion.