Witcher cauldron with color smoke for Halloween

I just got finishing some very disgusting things on YouTube. I saw a woman who was trying to tell people that they have to use the first morning urine to get the person to fall in love with them forever. This is just a horrible thing that I am witnessing, I can’t believe that people are resorting to Witchcraft, and then they have the nerve to say that God is helping them in this process. I have never in my life been so saddened by what I am seeing today. People have to understand that when you use witchcraft, all those things you’re doing against someone else will come back to you tenfold. I have always been a firm believer of God, and I will stand by God’s word and not allow anyone to make me do anything other than what God would want.

YouTube Screen Shot

This is just really disappointing that I am seeing this happen all over the world. What is sad to me, is that there are 1.45 million people who are interested in finding out how they can use witchcraft to get the love of your life. It seems to me that most of the people who are actually involved in looking at this video, they were supposed to be Christian. But how can you feel comfortable being the Christian knowing that you’re using witchcraft to get the person to love you. God spoke about witchcraft being a demonic thing, so this is something that believer should know the Stray away from and not fall into temptation. I will never understand why people would result for using witchcraft to get what they want.

What is even sadder, is that witchcraft is being used also to bring bad fortune to other people all around the world. However, I do not believe that witchcraft have any power over me, but I do know that a lot of people are looking to get into witchcraft because they want to have something happened good for them. I really am just heartbroken by all this. I am seeing when it comes to this. I think it is time for us to stand up and start spreading the word of God so that people would not fall victim to this very same thing. It seems that these people have more interest in the Witchcraft and they do believing in God himself. Not at any point did God say that we have to resort to Witchcraft to get the things that our hearts desire. God said if we trust believe and have faith even if the smallest and mustard seed, that we could have with our heart desires because he will give to his children. We just have to learn to be obedient and patient and kind and listen to God’s word. Why does it have to be that we have to go to such dirty Avenues to get something that we want. To be honest, I wouldn’t want anything if it did not come from God himself.