Yellow warning road sign against a stormy sky saying Scam Alert

I have to say that I am really highly disgusted, that this lady would go and take this womans hard earned money, and then have a nerve on her YouTube channel to act like she did nothing wrong, and actually say that she’s not going to give this woman her money back. Sweet Pea Diaries is a snake in the grass. She acts like she’s doing everything by the book, and that her channel is so big and it is growing so well, but at the end of the day she’s taking people’s money that they work hard for. Lady Dee spoke about this on her YouTube channel, and when I heard the news I was really really shocked about how Sweet Pea Diaries was acting.

I am really upset that Lady Dee was treated the way she was treated. Sweet Pea Diaries, should be ashamed of herself and she should be the person to just give this woman her money back. I honestly don’t believe that anyone should give anyone money to help him do anything on YouTube, because we all know that a lot of YouTubers on the site is very scandalous. It took me some time to understand why everyone was always talking about Sweet Pea Diaries. But now I know exactly why because she is nothing but a scam. I feel so sorry for Lady Dee, and I just hope that she gets justice. Anyone who’s looking to get in business with Sweet Pea Diaries, please make sure that you protect yourself and get everything in writing. The only reason why Lady Dee was not able to get her money back right away, it’s because there is nothing to show that they had some type of agreement. But trust and believe that Lady Dee has her receipts and emails. If you need help with growing your YouTube channel, do it the right way and go to someone credible.