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Top gun Maverick breaks the box offices and also my heart. The sequel did not have that loving feeling I mentioned in the original post. I can’t even remember one song from the long awaited sequel. And it only made me want to look at a jet not join the military services, as I mentioned the first one did. Yes there were good moments were I thought Goose’s son was going to show Maverick played by Tom Cruise he was better than him. But they didn’t go in that direction. As a matter or fact non of the Top gun students got to show you why they the best. They all had code names but in this sequel it didn’t matter. Because you never see them fight one another. We only see Maverick doing what he does best, train them for a mission. Really the writers could have just left the students out and have Maverick fly a impossible mission. And the movie never had what I was waiting to see. A real air dog fight between the best of the best or the enemy and the best of the best. Yes they flew in jets but it wasn’t like the first movie were you had that military back drop.

As for the song choices. I can’t remember one of them. There was not a song that made me sad or glad or excited or even mourn. High way to the Danger zone only made me remember the first one and great balls of fire, reflected the first movie. So there you have it. Top Gun 2 a must see film just don’t expect to much….