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These were someof the things that I found when it comes to this question:

From what I am hearing from popular YouTubers, yes, YT is in a bad state right now as far as monetizing videos. People are just not getting paid the way they used to, and YT’s rules have become way more strict. Also, a lot of creators have said that they lose viewers and subscribers with no explanation. It used to be easy to create on YT. Now it just seems to be so hard that I believe a lot of people who would have made videos are not.

It isn’t just you, unfortunately. YouTube seems to be going through changes that are affecting the creators, big timeIt appears that their need to be friendly to advertisers has caused multiple videos from the big creators to small creator to be demonitized. Meaning the YouTube content creators that make a living from YouTube as their main job, and main source of income, don’t make any money.

If YouTube continues down this path, they will lose a lot of their creators to other things. As the creators will no longer be able to make money off them, they will move on to bigger companies that will promise them a steady amount of income.

I believe that if YouTube were to change how they run the site, they might have a chance for survival. However, until then, it’s likely (not definite, keep in mind) big creators such as Pewdiepie and Markiplier will leave the platform. So, overall, YouTube will become another thing of the past. And will be nothing but an old artifact of our history.

I don’t think YouTube is in its best state currently. I think the state of YouTube is at best mediocre. Let’s analyze why Youtube’s current state is at best mediocre. We will do this by examining the current trends on YouTube.

  • YouTube still remains one of the most popular websites on the internet. Therefore, it doesn’t have to worry about getting traffic to its site. In that regard YouTube is doing very well.
  • YouTube still has more content than any other video sharing website. However, this can be both a good and a bad thing. It is good in the sense that more content means more variety and it is bad because more content more bad quality videos. In this category, I say YouTube is doing fairly well.
  • There have been an increase in the number of video advertisements on YouTube. In the past, short YouTube videos (such as music videos) used to only have one ad in the video. Now, these short videos have at least two ads and sometimes three or more ads. Therefore, in this regard YouTube is not doing well.
  • In addition with YouTube’s ad situation, YouTube has made it more difficult for users to monetize their videos. YouTubers used to be able earn a lot more money from ad revenue. Now, users earn next to nothing for ad revenue. Instead, YouTubers use crowdfunding platforms such as Patreon or PayPal donate links to fund their channels and they use Kickstarter or GoFundMe to fund projects. In addition, many YouTubers don’t mind that viewers use ad blockers because they don’t make much money from ads. In this category, YouTube is doing fairly bad and YouTube has plans to monetization more difficult.
  • The subscribe button doesn’t to work like it’s supposed to. When users hit the bell of the subscribe button, the bell doesn’t the users all the time. YouTube is doing bad in this category.
  • YouTube does seem like that they want more revenue outside of ad revenue. In fact, YouTube changed their music subscription service YouTube Red to a premium video service called YouTube Premium. YouTube Red was paid music streaming subscription that allowed users to listen to music without ads. It was replaced with YouTube Premium, which is a paid video streaming service that allows users to view videos without ads. The reason why YouTube Red was replaced because YouTube didn’t have enough paying subscribers. The problem with YouTube Premium is that YouTubers can use ad blockers to hide ads and not all content on YouTube is eligible to have ads. YouTube isn’t doing that good in this regard.

  • YouTube constantly keeps on changing its layout. With each layout change, the interface becomes less user-friendly. For example, the YouTube search engine used to have pages and now, it continuously loads until you reach the bottom of the page, this is bad for users with terrible internet connections. YouTube isn’t doing that great this regard.

To sum it up, YouTube isn’t in the best condition right now. YouTube is at best mediocre and is at worst mildly bad.