Yellow warning road sign against a stormy sky saying Scam Alert

I was just on the phone with a company claiming to be DVS. I have never in my life seen such scamming in this world like I have seen today. First off they will give you some 844 number to call them back, after they call you from a number with your own area code. They will threaten you asking you for your information, without telling you the reason for their call. This is scamming at its best. When I cught on to their lies, they get smart and talk back at you. They get mad when they cannot get your information. I really wish that someone will crack down on these people. This is the information that I have so far; They say that they are from DVS they tell you to call this number 1 844 700 1192. They will give you a fake name and tell you to geive them your information, as they scam looking up a fake file. Do not fall for this scam. I have reported this to the FBI so we will see what will happen next.