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I know a lot of people will have a problem with me saying this, but the truth is the truth, Saint Petersburg Florida has become a place that is nothing but for white America. It seems like everybody is only concerned about how to please them and not about everybody else. I am a Hispanic woman who has lived in Saint Petersburg Florida now for almost 10 years. I have never seen a time in my life where it has come so divided. Everyone is so mean and they don’t have any manners and it seems like they just want to start trouble for the hell of it.

I cannot understand how people can live in such a place where there’s so much hate. Many people believe also, that a lot of this comes from so many people moving from different states to the state of Florida. Most of the people who live here for years, are being kicked out of their homes, because of the high rent and other people from other states, coming over and monopolizing off of our buildings and trying to charge people 10 times more. The Gorvenor here has no care for anyone but himself and his family. I think at this point, America has become a terrible place and if anyone is thinking of moving to Florida ve careful!!

I heard recently on the news, that the rent will not be going down anytime soon until 10 years from now. By that time I will myself be collecting social security, and hopefully retired from my job. The sad part is I don’t know that if I did that it will be a good idea to stay in florida. So at this point, I am looking to relocate to the city of Biloxi. I heard that there is a lot of people moving there of all ethnicities, and I heard that there is a lot more opportunities in the housing market is booming. I know it’s hard for minorities to live in the places like Florida, because truly it has become a scary place for everyone.