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This is just a reminder that we need to do what we can to get right with GOD. God is coming back, and we all need to get ready and prepared. Its important to show God that we are serious about his return. All the worldly things that we are doing, we have t stop it! Take the time to show the lord that you care about what he is doing in your life. God wants us to focus on being more humble and showing appreciation of life. We have to stop killing each other, lying, stealing, and we must do what we can to show God that we actually care about our souls. Why is it so hard for us to show god that we are good people? We will take hours out the day, to show God all the bad and we hurt each other in so many ways, we fail to get up in the morning and thank the lord for life. Its time to get right with God and do better. Everyday, we have an opprotunity to change our lives. Its never to late to ask God for forgiveness.