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I guess you all heard about the listeria outbreak at this local Sarasota Florida Ice-cream shop. I am not surprised at all about the news. Florida itself has a lot of questionable ways about how they clean and store foods etc. I was just at a local Walmart, and I brought meat for the month, most of my meat was spoiled. The smell was terrible as I was bagging up my groceries. I had to take the meat back it was so bad. I will not be going to Walmart, instead I will be shopping at Publix. I think that Publix is better with making sure the meat is good. Its really a shame that many of these people suffered from this ice cream place. I felt even more bad when I found out that a woman lost her baby from it. If I was this woman, I would get me a good attorney and sue their asses. This is what happens when you have such an asshole like DeSantis in office. The whole state has more Covid, Monkeypox, and Listeria than any other state in the United States. What is more sad is that, people are running down to Florida and have no idea if what they are getting into. This is just terrible! I feel like people need to see a sign that says GET OUT! as the are coming into the state. SMH..