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I am so sick of facebook. It seems like every single time you use Facebook or do some advertising, they find some reason to restrict your account for no apparent reason. I have been on Facebook for quite some time, and I think it is crazy that they would decide to restrict advertising on videos when clearly their Promotional content, and say that I have no access to do these types of things.

My father runs a dealership, and he wanted to post up cars on a website to get people to click on the page. We created an ad for the customers to click on the site to find out how much he was selling the used cars for. It’s only to get more traction for the customers to come to the website. So I can’t understand why in the world will they say that this type of material is not accepted. They restricted my Facebook advertising account, and said that I could not no longer post. I’ve heard that in order for restricted of count, it means that maybe you had something on the Facebook site that went against its policies. My question is how was it that you have a car dealership ad, and it is not appropriate? At this point I am lost for words, I think that Facebook needs to get its priorities straight because clearly they don’t know what the hell is going on.