Portrait Of Extended Family Group In Park

A mother of a 12 year old girl  wanted her own mom to call her daughter Mike instead of Maggy. Of course the grandmother refused, because she is a devout Christian and she has known her grand daughter since she was born. How do these parents fix these new issues, in the new era of life? Do they give in and forget their faith? Do they Bow down and give in to grandma’s enclosed religion? All while the child loses connection with Grandma and gains mom’s approval.

Hard questions in life, we have to find answers to. Do we sacrifice our belief in God? Or try to keep our balances with our family ties. How do we win them over as if they belong to the dark side of the force? And we belong to the right side of the force. Who yields first grandma or the daughter? Does it even really matter or does pride take over? All along the kids still suffers. She has no cousins to grow up with, to have memories with, to have fun with. She has no sleepovers no soccer games no family picnics. All because her choice to be a boy rather than a girl. Don’t kill the Messenger but the message is said. I believe what I believe. But it’s not up to me but for them to get it right. Tell me what you think.