If you want to get a loan, you have bad credit, and you live in Florida this could be a great day for you. Luckily Florida has this great store where you can get a loan without a credit check. You can head over to your local Amscot store. What a lot of people don’t realize about Amscot is that, they offer you many options to get a loan without having your credit checked. The only things that you will need to get a loan with this company, is to have your government ID or license, and you must be able to verify your bank account, and the sometimes the name of the company you work for. The great thing about Amscot is that when you go there, you can get a loan without having to worry about your credit being low or high. One thing that is so satisfying is that even those who are on disability, you also can get a loan at any time with Amscot if you just go to one of the Florida stores and make a request. How this works is, if you are a disabled person, you will go to them and request to have a loan and show them that you are on disability. You need to bring in the following documents listed. Make sure to have your beneficiary letter of when you received your money and the dates that you received them. Make sure that all information is up to date. In addition, you must be able to let them know exactly what date you get paid. When they find this out, Amscot would basically select a monthly date when you get your payment, to have you come into their store on that date to payback the loan.

When working with Amscot they take every measure to help you the best they possibly can. So if you struggle to pay your loan back, you can call the loan company, and they will arrange something that will be more helpful to you. Amscot calls this the grace period; Amscot allows you to apply for the loan amount that you need. Which means, if you only need $100.00, you are able to just get what you requested without having to get a larger loan amount. The great thing about Amscot is, the minimum loan amount is $100.00. Normally for a $100.00 loan, you will be required to pay back $112.00 on your due date. However, fees can change so make sure to follow the updates on Amscot websites. If you are someone who needs $150, you can find yourself paying back $168 which has a $18 fee and a $3 verification fee at the time that you go to Amscot to get a loan. If you’ve never been there before, it will take some time for them to process your information when you arrive. So make sure that you have all required documents needed, so that you can go ahead and set up your account. More than anything, please make sure to have your checks, ID, and also have your job verification handy. Another great thing about Amscot is that they also allow you to use one of their checks, if you don’t have a check at that time. I would not suggest you go in without your own checks, but, if you find yourself in a bind and you really need a loan, and you are out of your checks, Amscot will offer you one of their own checks and they will gladly give you a loan. This is what I love about Amscot; it really is a shame that they are only in the State of Florida, because they help so many people with low rates and also no hassle with getting a loan. Everyone is able to get a loan as long as you work, are able to provide your ID, and your checking account. So if you need a loan and you live in Florida, what are you waiting for go ahead down to your local Amscot store and get started!