I just can’t seem to understand why I keep getting hacked and it seems like it’s coming from Google. I have been meaning to reach out to them to let them know what is going on. I think over the last few weeks it has been really really bad. It all starts off with me actually going and searching things through the Google search. After maybe a few weeks then I notice that I am being hacked, and my phone goes to no internet service and then clearly goes to the site after a pause. If you happen to have no internet in between searching for whatever you’re looking for before going to the site, it is possible that you at that point are being hacked and someone has access to your device. But this is really really unfortunate, because Google is supposed to be the most safest thing to use. So now I’m feeling like I can’t trust Google to protect me from all the scammers that are online. Not only that, but you also have an issue where scammers are also using ads to promote and to get people to click on a service, and then before you know it you are hacked.

I think Google should have this under control, but it seems that although they may be this Mega company and have it all together, that they really don’t know how to protect the users on their site. I am kind of stuck in a hard place, I feel like in a way that I should be using DuckDuckGo, or maybe some other type of search engine. I was even thinking about going back old-school to Bing if I had to. It just seems like I’m having so many issues with using Google. Google products has become so big that they have lacked the ability to keep security for those who use the search engine. So for those of you who have been hacked, and you’re trying to figure out whether or not it comes from Google, don’t worry you’re not alone! I actually feel like all of the hacking that I had on my cell phone over these past few weeks has been from Google Chrome. What’s even more depressing, is that when you have to report something, they do not leave any options for you to do so easily. It’s almost like you need to have a secret code to get in contact with Google. I never understood how you could have such a major company, but your customer service lacks the sophistication to help the people who need it. I don’t know but I’m just tired of Google.

However, the whole point of this is to let you know that if you’re having Interruption of service between your search, then it’s most likely that you are being hacked at that time. I would not advise anyone to search anything, open up bank accounts, or even use your cell phone for a lot of things today. It’s best to use a safe computer or a laptop, so that way you know exactly what is going on. Also, if you happen to get hacked on your device, then make sure to restart your device and go back to factory settings. If you do this right away, you are actually protecting yourself from being hack any further and having your personal information stolen.