I am sitting here watching daytime television, and I must say I’m just really really so tired of seeing The Real. I thought that the show was supposed to be closing soon, and still everyday I get up and I see these ladies on the panel. One thing that I hate about the show is that the ladies always over talk each other, and they really don’t know how to just shut up when they need to. I was really excited when I heard that the show was actually going to be over. It’s kind of the same situation when it comes to Kelly and Ryan, I really don’t like to see Kelly on daytime television and I don’t like to see Ryan on television either. It just seems like they’re a bit much and they’re not funny at all. I think if you want good television bring Wendy Williams back to the network, and make all the people who love Wendy happy again. Because having all these other shows on daytime television and no Wendy, is just a terrible situation for many all over the world.

To be honest, the reason why the real is actually being put off of Television, is because it did not match up to some of the other daytime shows. The women would often talk about things that a lot of people did not want to hear, and it was mostly due to politics and how to raise a family. I think the strong opinion of the women is not favorable to a lot of people in America, which is why they decided to just get rid of the show, because a lot of people stopped in the end. I think that if the ladies were just to do celebrity gossip they would have survived the seasons.