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Sheree Whitfield got stood up by her lover Tyrone. I knew this was coming because I knew that this man was not really legit from the beginning. I did feel really sad seeing her cry about the situation. However, Sheree should have known that this was bound to happen. To be honest, the only action that really happened on tonight’s episode was that the fact that Tyrone did not show up. I don’t really know how much longer I can hold up watching this show. I think that all the ladies are trying to make up things to make this thing seem like it’s something big. I am also a little confused on why Sheree would want to be with the man who she met in jail. It seems like you would have plenty of options besides finding someone that you met in the penitentiary. I don’t know, is finding love that difficult? Let’s be clear, there are plenty of dating site’s that you can go on and meet the right type of guy. So why on earth do you have the result going to prison men to have someone to love? I don’t know I’m just a little bit confused by the whole thing. I wish her the best, but at the same time I don’t know if she’s going to get over this really easy. I guess for Sheree, this is a lesson learned and maybe she might not make the same mistakes she did before. Another thing that I am upset by, is that a lot of the ladies knew that this was not a good idea. They sit around and try to make her feel like Tyrone is going to be a good option for her.

But let’s be clear, this was all just a huge mistake. At any time the ladies could have said that this was not a good idea for her to start sitting Tyrone. They could have told her that he seemed kind of sketchy and that it was something wrong with him not showing up to the first couple of gatherings. I just know that the ladies are going to rub this in her face the first chance they get. The thing is, the ladies are all involved in other people’s marriages but they can’t seem to keep their own man. I know that a lot of people hate the fact that Drew and her husband Ralph are not the best ideal couple, but at least you know how to keep her man at home even though he may not be the most faithful. So what does that say about a lot of the other ladies.