I am really getting annoyed with all these spam emails and text messages. Just today I received this message in my text message. I don’t have any idea who number this is, and I was not planning on clicking on the link. But I think this is very very sad, because many people are being taken advantage of by these same scams. I have had enough and I’m so tired of going through the same thing over and over every single day. They find new ways of ripping people off. If this was a young child, they would definitely trick that young child by making them click on the link and then they’ll have their phone with Spam. I am just so sick of all the scams that are going on, and no one is able to figure out how to stop them. So if you see this type of thing on your cell phone just know it is a scam, do not trust what it is telling you to do. First off, I never had an account with AT&T. The scams just keep on coming. I just make sure to block every number that comes in.