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Why am I not surprised; there was another shooting in St Petersburg Florida on 16th Street South. Apparently a young man was shot in broad daylight and once again it’s all because of gun violence. I know their Saint Petersburg Florida is not the best area, because we have been dealing with a lot of crime over the last few years. A lot of the crime is because we have people moving into the city that do not belong here. Governor Ron DeSantis allows people to come from all different states. Without making a rule you cannot blood the state with so many people being that it will be overcrowded. I just can’t understand why no one understand, that the more you crowd the city, allowing gangs from New York to come here, that it will be an issue with high crime.

I think it’s really horrible that we have to go through this at this point in time. Something has to be done, and if no one wants to do anything about it and we have to take law into our own hands. The sad part is we have people who use guns without permission, and then you want the residents to buy guns to protect themselves, because the police department cannot do the job themselves. Everyone had this great idea to defund the police, but we see now that the police is all you really got in times like this. This is why I am a black woman who support the police, because they have done a lot for our city and our state. I am not saying that there are not some bad cops here, but the reality is, there are more bad guys than bad cops.