I am not shocked at all by the news. It is long overdue for Google to be sued over defamatory videos that I see on YouTube. What is sad is that the politician was able to win a success in court, but we have everyday people who struggle with being bullied on YouTube each and every day. It is really sad that YouTube has become a place that everyone pretty much hate. YouTube has made it clear that it does not care about the people who use the platform. It will allow people to use whatever type of mean, cruel, tactic to make a fucking buck.

A former Australian lawmaker was awarded A$715,000 ($515,000) by an Australian court on Monday, claiming that Google’s unwillingness to remove a YouTuber’s “relentless, racist, vilificatory, abusive, and defamatory” videos forced him out of politics. The Federal Court determined that Alphabet made money by displaying two films on its YouTube website in 2020 that attacked the then-deputy premier of New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state. The videos had been seen about 800,000 times since they were posted.

The decision raises the question of how much liability technology companies bear for defamation spread by users on their websites in Australia, one of the few Western countries where internet platforms are held to the same legal standards as publishers. Australia is considering what legal exposure platforms for defamatory posts should include. In 2021, a historic decision in which a newspaper was found accountable for libelous reader comments below a Facebook article prompted international companies to scale back their social media presence in the country. According to the ruling, Google denied that the videos contained defamatory imputations and that the YouTuber had the right to an honest view, which should be protected by the right to criticize a leader. When They reached out to a Google spokesperson, them bastards were not available for questioning.

What I am seeing now more than ever, is the beefs that happened on YouTube where people go head-to-head fighting with each other. I think that it’s really ridiculous to make money just going after another person and to make them look bad, possibly sending this person to jail for the rest of their lives. A lot of people who went to jail from YouTube, we’re caught up into some type of bad fraud, and they were caught into a situation where it ruined their life forever. I am not a fan of where YouTube is going and I think it’s ridiculous that YouTube allows the nonsense that happens on its platform. Believe it or not, YouTube is the reason why we have so many issues with people bullying, and we have so many issues with people taking their own lives. YouTube could have stepped in at any moment to change how the platform works, but instead they’re too busy worrying about how they’re going to get the next dollar from advertisers. Which is all really strange to me, because they don’t even pay people the right amount of money for the ads on the sites. So therefore, they’re using people to get the clicks but yet they refuse to pay the money. If you don’t believe me, then look back to when they were sued over and over again for not paying websites the money that they have for ads on their websites.

Just like we have issues with guns in this country, YouTube is definitely a machine that is killing people each and every day. I don’t care what anyone says but if YouTube continues this way,, we are putting our future in danger. The owners of Google should be embarrassed about how this operation is being ran. I have never seen such nonsense in my whole entire life. It’s time for the platform to crash and burn as it should have a long damn time ago.