Elon Musk is not playing any type of games, he wants to know what the f*** is going on with Twitter and why they cannot give him information on spambots. I think it’s time for Elon Musk to walk away from this deal, because at the end of the day, Twitter is up to playing a lot of games. Now if you guys have a Twitter account, you must have realized that Twitter is now asking you to confirm your identity before you log onto the platform. I feel that Twitter should have been doing this a long time ago instead of waiting to the last minute, to get a deal in order to fix this particular issue. This is why I know that Twitter is just as fake as they come. Even the celebrities are using fake spambots to make their account look better than what it actually is. Have we come to this when we have to now fake our subscribers and followers? I just believe that Elon Musk needs to walk away and don’t look back, this is clearly a mistake that he is making putting 44 billion dollars into a platform that isn’t really real. A lot of people are wondering why the hell he actually wants it in the first place. Maybe he was just sitting on his bed, and then realized he had a lot of f****** money, and he just want to do something with it. #richpeopleproblems.