I am a single parent and I am worried about my baby, I don’t understand why the government has not figured out a solution to make sure that we have enough baby formula to give to our children. Our children can’t live on Air alone, so I think that the government should have had something in place for a catastrophe such as this. Of course everyone is blaming President Joe Biden for this big mix-up, which I have to say I agree he is fully responsible. I have never seen in all my life where a mother have to worry about how she’s going to feed her child. No one understands what all goes into taking care of a newborn baby, especially when you don’t even know that you’re able to breastfeed them. I was one of those women that was not able to breastfeed. Everyday that goes by, I am on the internet trying to find some type of baby formula so that I can make sure that my child has something to eat. You don’t understand the stress that I go through each day lay my head down on the pillow not knowing if I’m going to be able to feed my child. This is just really out of control and something has to be done. I don’t know how much longer I can take this whole mess but I hope that the government figure something out really soon.

Baby formula should not be one of the issues that we face today, we should not be worried about how we’re going to feed our children, for them to be able to have a healthy successful life. Especially when it comes to our newborn babies, we have to make sure that we have things in place that mothers are able to take care of their children. I go to work and I work hard to make sure that I make money to pay my bills and to take care of my family, so all I’m asking is that the government do their damn part and make sure we have what we need for our children.