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Just today in Philadelphia we had another case of shootings going on. I cannot understand why the government doesn’t want to do more about gun violence. It’s a shame because children have to die, people have to lose their lives every single day, and nothing is being done about the guns that are on the street. I’m just so sick of how this country is being ran, I think that there should be more done to stop the gun violence on the streets. I honestly am afraid to even go outside to live my everyday life. It’s a shame that I feel safer staying at home closed up. I worry everyday that someone is going to kill me, while I am out and about taking care of business.

It’s no secret that the world is a bad place. I just want to go back to the days where people were a lot nicer, and you had people who cared about others. The Republicans are doing their best to keep guns in the hands of people who do not deserve to own a weapon. Then they want to say it’s due to mental illness. Everything is not because of mental illness. There are people out in the world, that plan to go out and hurt others. The reason is not mental illness. How about racism, drugs, domestic violence, and gang activity. The United States has failed the American people.