Driving under the influence is a crime and should be handled in the upmost care. Over the years, there have been reports of children being killed by individuals who were under the influence of alcohol while operating a vehicle. Although we hear many individuals being killed by drunk drivers, this also is the same for individuals who drive while intoxicated. Every life is important and it should be our duty to make sure that drunk driving stops worldwide. From research “A study finds that even “minimally buzzed” drivers — with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.01 percent — are 46 percent more likely to be officially and solely blamed by accident investigators than are the sober drivers they collide with” (Science daily, 2016).  Knowing this should make anyone want to do more about cracking down on this crime.

“Consuming alcohol prior to driving greatly increases the risk of car accidents, highway injuries, and vehicular deaths. The greater the amount of alcohol consumed, the more likely a person is to be involved in an accident. When alcohol is consumed, many of the skills that safe driving requires – such as judgment, concentration, comprehension, coordination, visual acuity, and reaction time – become impaired” (NCADD, 2016).

     It truly starts to hit home when someone you love has been taking away from a drunk driver. Not to mention, if you have lost a family member or friend because they chose to drive home from a party after too many drinks. It’s all about being realistic and finding ways that we all can work together to fight for the lives that are lost, and prevent other deaths by cracking down on drunk driving. No matter what, it will be a job that will take persistence and the help from everyone. Drunk driving is not acceptable and losing the ones we love over drunk driving will never be something many can just overlook.

   It’s all about educating those who may not understand the true reason for the cause against drunk driving.  It is crucial to get individuals of all types involved, this means that everyone may not have lost a loved one from drunk driving, but it does not mean that they will never ever be a victim. My plan is to let every being know that they are never in the clear when it comes to this terrible crime. Drunk driving kills all types and that is what has to be remembered. The plan is to fight back and really promote why driving under the influence is bad. The whole idea is to get as many individuals to stand for a cause, which truly means a lot to those who have suffered from someone drinking and driving and now can no longer walk, talk, or may be buried away from the families, who love them.  I understand change won’t happen overnight, but with much dedication and help from communities this can change.

 Plan Details

   When operating a motor vehicle it requires multiple skills. These skills require individuals to be extremely coherent, the driver should be able to react quickly in case of emergency, and must be able to gauge speed as it relates to visibility. The age group that I decided to implement in my plan would be 18-25. My reason is simply because at this tender age, you will have new drivers who may not understand how crucial it is to not drive under the influence.  “What is a fact is that in 2011, 12 percent of high school seniors responding to the Monitoring the Future survey admitted to driving under the influence of marijuana in the 2 weeks prior to the survey.

    I would put together meetings that will get communities involved with the effects of drinking while driving. I also would make it my duty to pass out information on how driving under the influence can indeed turn deadly. All flyers will be passed out at all high schools and college campuses; I will invest in getting street teams that will hold signs that promotes safe driving.  I find that allowing students to engage in simulation demonstrations will help a great deal when explaining how driving under the influence can be deadly.  At school parties, I will make sure we have drivers at campuses to get the students home if they allow alcohol. As I continue to push the message through these outlets, I will hold group classes on alcohol education. The class will better explain how alcohol affects the central nervous system in addition, how alcohol can lead to violent reckless behaviors. 

     On high school and college campuses, I would put together major concerts that are alcohol free. After each band plays, there will be guest speakers who will share their stories of those they lost from drinking and driving. It’s all about being relatable! Learning how excessive drinking can affect one’s life and change it forever. In all, I feel alcohol education is a must when trying to get the word out there. Not only is it relatable!  But it makes the classes and events fun and students will want to participate.  As long as you can keep the attention of the age group the better the message will be received. While many participate in these classes and events, I will make sure that professional counselors are also there to help guide those who have indeed suffered or lost someone from drunk driving. The professional staff will be able to help those who have issues talking about their traumatic experience. Everyone that participates in these programs will get a T-Shirt as a reminder of what we have to do. When it comes to measuring my plan, I would come up with a  app that can be downloaded to cell phones that will keep track of the flow of individuals who are apart of these classes.

     I find that setting this up will give me instant notification on how many individuals worldwide are participating.  I feel this is a great tool implemented in many ways to stay connected.  Some colleges have their online connections and it is a great way for students to communicate with one another on varies topics. So in this case I would do the same; I find that setting up connections to fight against drunk driving is an extremely helpful tool. I do not plan to keep the message inside doors and on paper, but to also take it mainstream media. I find that getting our message on social media is top priority; this is simply because the individuals in this group are more likely to engage in social media networking. Billboards and car signs are also a great tool to implement while spreading the word.  I think that social media will open the door to allow not just one or two cities to participate, but everyone will be able to put in their input worldwide. As in all things, the way we promote will cost to keep the program going, so a fee for events and fundraisers will help just as they do for many other awareness groups.

      I will also take it to another level to have a website where you can donate to the cause. As in all things, it will take much dedication and work to get the awareness going. I think with the support of street teams, promotional signs, classes, and events, it will definitely get many talking about the plan to fight against drunk driving. What I find to be fascinating is the cause is something that I feel everyone would find to be a great thing to do. No matter what race, sex, or religion, there will be open acceptance for anyone to be a part of the program and share their stories. The program is all about saving lives and becoming a part of a great organization.


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