Viagra is known as a medication that can help treat erectile dysfunctions in men. Viagra has been quite popular in this time, and many men find great use of this medication when faced with difficulty in their sexual performance. In the Argosy University readings, I have studied the issues of James and Yelena a married couple who have struggled with sexual issues, and I’ve learned that James has taken the steps to take Viagra without informing his wife Yelena. Learning this situation, I would like to first focus on the areas that I find disturbing. First, I feel that James should have been more responsible before taking the steps in implementing Viagra. I find that James is not taking safety percussions serious enough when he took medication that was not prescribed from a doctor. As many of us know, there are plenty of side effects to implementing medications. Yelena has every right to be upset about her husband going behind her back doing this without letting her know. When in a relationship communication is extremely important and each party is responsible for their part in it.  From research, I have discovered that Viagra side effects “include warmth or redness in the face, neck, or chest; stuffy nose; headaches, stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea, and an inability to differentiate between the colors green and blue. Loss of hearing, ringing in the ears and dizziness are other potential side effects” (Stöppler, MD., 2015).

    I find that because James did not consult a doctor before taking this medication, proves that he is willing to go great lengths to satisfy his wife. This is a great thing! Although what he has done may be selfish, it shows that he cares enough to have a wonderful experience with his wife. I feel that Yelena has to understand that what James did was not completely right, but it does show his willingness to be better for her when he realized he had an issue.  I say this because it can be very difficult for a man to know he is lacking in this area. However, James did not walk away avoiding sex all together but went to find other ways to keep up the fire. Although it shows how much James wants to repair this issue, I find that he lacks responsibility when it comes to making sure he is not putting his life in danger.  In all of this, I do feel that taking Viagra once approved by a doctor would help him out a great deal when it comes to his sexual issues with his wife.  In addition, it will also have other health benefits. From research, I found that Viagra also lowers blood pressure which in this case is great for someone who struggles with hypertension. For James issues I think Viagra would help him become more active in the bedroom and he would enjoy it. At one point Yelena wanted her husband to be more involved with role-play and in this case, he would have longer lasting enjoyable experiences with his wife if on medication.

I also feel that James would find more enjoyment when being intimate with his wife. This will help both individuals have more enjoyable experience in the bedroom. I feel if both are being satisfied that it can help the couple really boost up their sex life. Of course, this will not happen until a few things are addressed in counseling. A counselor would have to speak with Yelena on how she feels about her sex life with James; I also feel that the counselor needs to point out to Yelena that there should be an open source of communication regarding her issues. There is no way that James would know what is going on with her body if she is not open to speak on her issues. In this case, it should be known that two parties both play a role in lack of communication. In addition, the couple is thinking of themselves rather than the other individual. Yelena will need to get some information on her premenopausal symptoms and this should be done with a doctor, therapist, and her husband. This will allow them both to understand what is going on with

Yelena. James can understand what he needs to do to make sure she is comfortable. Yelena will then have a chance to explain to her husband that it is not that she is not attracted to him sexually, but she struggles with something that prevents her from enjoying sex.  James will be more understanding and relieved after gaining this information. Once they have identified their issues the couple will learn how to be fair lovers. Not only will they learn about being a fair lover, but will also learn that having a great sexual experience starts with being romantic and not just jumping into bed and satisfying one’s own needs. Yelena needs to tell her husband that sex is uncomfortable and the therapist should suggest that she sees a doctor for her symptoms. James should be supportive and help Yelena through this process, he should make sure that his approach to sexual relations is not pushy and he should make sure she is comfortable. In addition, I feel it is up to the couple to both ask each other how their sexual experiences make them feel and what could help them perform better. This however will be discussed with the therapist. In therapy, I feel that Yelena can help James understand what fore-play to her is and what makes sex enjoyable. Often times we have our own perception of what fore-play is and it does not mean that someone else view it the same.

     To better understand what each individual enjoys in the bedroom, will ultimately create a better sexual experience between the two individuals.  When speaking on James issues, I feel that the therapist needs to explain to James that it was not responsible for him to take medical actions without a doctor’s permission. He also needs to be told how he has put his life in danger without doing so. I do feel that James needs to understand that just because he takes medication, does not mean that that will fix the issues with him and his wife. James need to understand that there has to be a connection in romance to truly have a special sexual experience in the bedroom. Some tips that a therapist should provide is explaining to each individual what a selfish lover is, once they understand this they both can be more open about what works for them. James should also be open to share with Yelena and a therapist on his insecurities and what could help him perform better. In all of this, it has to be clear that each person in this relationship understand the importance of being a selfish lover, and most importantly being honest with one another. If trust is not a part of their marriage then there cannot be anything else. Sex is just as much emotional as physical; with the guidance James and Yelena take from therapy will help them both be better to each other and gain healthier sexual experiences.

     There are many helpful treatments’ for issues as this, I suggest getting help from a sex therapist; I find that a sex therapist is better qualified to help a couple that is going through such issues.  From research I found that “When a person chooses to enter sex therapy individually, he or she may be more comfortable discussing sexual issues with a therapist of the same gender. However, both male and female sex therapists are trained to address the emotional, physical, and biological issues that can influence sexual activity in men and women. Sessions are strictly instructive and verbal, and all exercises and suggestions of a physical nature are performed outside of the session” (, 2016).  I feel that any couple that struggles with such issues they should definitely take this option. I find that with all that these therapist offers can help for positive result.