Devonte Neal out ran the defense on kick offs, but the former Wildcat couldn’t out run his past. Allegedly, he was involved in a drive by shooting back in 2017 were he discharged a fire arm at a structure. The story doesn’t suggest he himself shot the victim, but that whom ever he was riding with could have. Devonte was arrested May 25 of this year 2022. He had just started working as an assistant coach for Idaho State, where his former football coach from Arizona helped him get the job. This story saddens me because a life was lost in this, and another life was just beginning. Even though he may or may not have done the deed, he was around the situation enough to be indicted. At this point, he now faces felony charges and prison time.

To many of our male athletes with great NFL and NBA abilities are sitting in someone’s cell block. Not scoring touch downs or making baskets, but making it day by day in a very bad place. All because they made the wrong friend choices to hang with. It happens over and over again, so much that the movie companies have made profits from their stories. When will these talented players leave the street level life for the one they dream and hope of having? or will they continue running from a past that always gets it’s player.