I guess you can say that Pinellas County Florida, is getting really really bad these days. Why would someone believe that it’s okay for them to go and take somebody’s hard-earned money from a pizza shop. Let me just say, I am a fan of Hungry Howie’s. It is one of my favorite pizza joints to go to around the corner from where I live. I think that they work very hard for their money, and I always try to leave a tip when I can. The sad part is, he’s going to actually speak to the person at the counter and then decide to take the money out of the jar, and then place it in his pocket as he leaves. This is why I hate some people in the state of Florida. They would rather steal from a person rather than just get a job and earn their money the honest way. What makes it even worse, I am a black woman and it’s a shame to see that my own people are doing this type of thing. I just wish people would get a f****** job and stop making Florida seem so ratchet all the time. It’s a shame because Florida has a bad rep, but it’s because of people just like this. I can’t stand to see stuff go on in this type of way. I really hope that they find the guy, and they do get their money back. It’s not your money if you didn’t work hard for it just know that.