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Factors That Influenced the Decision to Obtain a BSN Degree.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) is linked to a higher likelihood of building a rich foundation in patient-centered care as well as having an educational title. Since baccalaureate instruction presents benefits for RNs and their patients, strategies to empower the quest for BSN degrees should be upheld. Nursing is one of the professions that have different instructive ways for passage. On an individual level, Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the most widely recognized among recently graduated medical attendants, representing around 60% of graduates and about a portion of the total RN workforce individual accomplishment, changes in medical services, profession change, enlistment alternatives (Ballantyne, 2016). As a result, there is a need for advancement as a nurse to keep a competitive walk with the current job market as well as attain a career goal.

The Difference between Baccalaureate and the Current Role.

More Opportunity for Professional Growth

It’s a well-known fact that the more education you have, the more open opportunity one has for developing their vocation. As a result, this means one can promote their vocation as far as management positions.

A boost of confidence

 In the nursing profession, one will confront very sick patients and face dire circumstances that could prompt fear. Nonetheless, when you propel yourself to overcoming the challenge, getting a BSN course will provide one with more apparatus to help in troublesome circumstances. On the other hand, where a nursing degree will ingrain and refine the skills, one has to realize that you earned the degree to carry out the current responsibilities and do them well. Having this fearlessness attitude will assist me by confronting condition when it comes my direction.

Heightened senses mean better care.

The education and skills received from the course will, however, lead to becoming a better critical thinker. With the sickness cycle becoming increasingly unpredictable, strong necessary reasoning abilities are required. Medical attendants need to analyze patients and apply the guidelines of care, now and again with puzzling speed, in a bustling climate, with twelve different obligations pulling them toward each path. However, the degree will offer the capacity to develop better care plans, retain confirmed-based writing and research, and improve the nature of care you give to the patients. According to Ballantyne, (2016)., attendants who have their BSN have lower death rates, with lower frequencies of pressure ulcers, profound vein apoplexy, and medical clinic procured contaminations.

Opportunities Available After Degree Completion.

BSN degree opens more job opportunities, since many nursing occupations, particularly the executive jobs, and other specialty positions, require all candidates to hold a BSN. A four-year certification is currently perceived as fundamental for some nursing vocations, yet it is likewise required for any nursing position at specific emergency clinics and medical services offices. Perceiving the estimation of a more educated nursing staff, several foundations currently require the entirety of their medical caretakers to hold a BSN, in any event, for places that somewhere else require only a partner’s degree (Souza Neto, et al. 2017).

Eligibility for Leadership Positions

Each needs to begin someplace, and pretty much every vocation starts with a section level position. There is an open-minded nature to nursing, the feeling that all medical caretakers are in this together, yet there is still some chain of importance. Medical attendant Manager and more elevated level nursing staff positions require a BSN, which implies, on the off chance, that you need all the more upward portability in the nursing profession. As a result, to earn a management position, it is required that one has to have a degree of this kind.

More Earnings

Medical caretakers with BSN training get better awards for their work, which implies that they have more significant compensations just as more advantages. A BSN degree will give a favorable position regarding compensation exchange and put one in front of different up-and-comers with a similar degree of involvement. Even though ADN and BSN medical caretakers acquire comparable compensation toward the start of their professions, the pay hole becomes more evident as one acquires insight. According to Souza Neto, et al. (2017), The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that the middle yearly compensation was $77,460 in 2019.

Models of Socialization

Socialization is a significant aspect of the cycle of character development in each person. The facts confirm that hereditary qualities are the explanation for the structure of the human character. Yet, socialization is the one that makes this character be formed to explicit bearings through the way toward tolerating or dismissing convictions, perspectives, and cultural standards.

Developmental Socialization

This sort of socialization includes a learning cycle that focuses on building up our social abilities. While thinking about socialization in the calling of nursing, one should think about the regular perspectives and qualities, practices, and abilities just as the numerous functions of nursing to eventually enable understudies to recognize as medical attendants and work accordingly. It’s additionally significant for nursing teachers to think about their very own qualities just as their emotions toward others and conditions. There’s no correct conviction, and many will locate that individual encounters impact what they esteem and accept.

Professional the Short Term Goals

Some of my short term objectives is to qualify the NCLEX exams, and find a well-paying vocation where one can get hands on experience as a nurse. Besides, the vision will be focused on succeeding in my current position while planning for certification once reaching 1,000 hours of clinical time, as well as developing hands-on experience and building a career network based on my work environment

Professional Long-Term Goals.

According to Gencbas, Bebis, & Cicek, (2018), the health sector keeps on changing from time to time. As a critical care nurse with experience and confidence, the next step is to specialize in specific care, providing areas with which it calls for additional education such as a master’s degree—assessing that long-term desires would be to provide leadership and mentorship to other newly graduated nurses. This could be achieved by earning a place in the management filed of the institution. As a long-term goal, I intend to focus more on upgrading the services provided to my patients and developing my clinic to offer quality services to the community as well and cost-effective for all. This would be a step to giving back to the community over time.

The Challenges And Barriers You Face In Pursuit Of The Goals.

Lack of Commitment

One of the many reasons that most people fail is giving up too early on their dreams. As a result, one of the barriers to lack of motivation and the target point is time. This could lead to poor results or broken dreams over time.

Poor Health Facilities Management

Luck of a well-structured institution could also result in an inability to achivi9ng my goals. This could develop if the workplace does not recognize employees’ quality performance, customer relations, and target me4ating from their staff. This could develop to retarded growth as a nurse and my career growth perspectives, leading to unattainable goals.


Corruption and unethical institutions is another factor to consider. This is because no matter the qualification, employee performance, and employee record regarding service providing, workers do not stand to benefit. For example, where there is an upgrade of hiring, the corrupted institutions might not consider the employee who qualifies for the position but instead hire other people. There is no upgrade at all for the staff members providing service for the health facility.

The Support Systems That Aid in Overcoming Challenges

Participate In a Formal Nurse Mentoring Program

According to Zariquiey-Esteva, et al. (2018), healthcare facilities offer an official nurse mentorship program that connects experienced nurse mentors with mentees. This kind of activity offers a formal structure for older nurses to create a positive working atmosphere for new staff members. This could help in providing the know-how as well as understand the institution better through old staff members.

Observe Nurses at Work

Many healthcare facilities offer nursing understudies chances to watch attendants at work. The office’s Human resource or instruction division regularly organizes these observations, which lets you invest more energy legitimately connecting with senior medical caretakers than in a clinical turn. When one can build up a characteristic affinity with an attendant, you can request that that individual become a medical caretaker tutor.


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