Human sexuality is one of the most popular topics that is discussed in our society. Human sexuality focuses on relationship influence, emotional, spiritual, physical life, and sexuality in a variety of areas.  We cannot forget the biological part of it all, which has to do with reproduction and hormonal changes. I find that no matter what it may be, human sexuality is one of the most talked about topics among individuals. Many welcome the conversation and there are others who find it disturbing and feel that there is a time and place to talk about such matters. It is not at all surprising to me, how many are appalled by the whole idea of talking about topics like this in public. Although we have many who express their views on this topic, we must not forget the other platforms that help discover the wonderful world of sexuality. These platforms are implemented on social media. Technology has definitely made it quite easy to view much content on sexuality. I have seen many adults complaining about how access to pornography on the internet is being revealed to openly.

Many or worried that these images will be accessible to their children through other outlets like mobile phones as they are on social media networking sites.  It’s true that in today’s society, computer technology is one of the biggest informational data access than any other resource. There are tons of images and video that is accessed on a daily basis on the internet, that show pornographic viewing of men and women from all over the world. Of course, parents are not pleased that these images are leaked and that it is so open for viewing to a minor. Pornography is defined as “any sexually explicit material that you can find offline or online on the internet” (Schneider et al., 2012). Many individuals believe that pornography is filthy and that the individuals involved in it all are just as bad.  In some cases, women are considered all sorts of obscene names for being exposed, and the men were told to be the wrong type of guy you would bring home to the family. In all, it is still the woman’s fault for enticing the men although some men are being disrespectful. 

      Those who were spiritually involved believed this to be satanic and that if you watched, got involved, or even posed the question on sexuality, that you were influenced by a bad spirit.           Although many have their views on pornography, does not stop others from viewing or being a part of exploring sexual adventures. Pornography has definitely caused an uproar in our time, In addition, it have made others feel that women and men who partake in these acts as detestable. The women in the videos were considered the ones that would be home wreckers and these women could not be trusted.  It was also said that it was not right for a woman to view such filthy content and she was also considered just as the women in the videos were.  Young boys view these women and believe that all women should be this way sexually and that they should look the same as the women they view. I can only wonder if the effects of pornography hurt us as a people and our growth. The research question that is of concern is, does pornography degrade or build our society?  The question is of great importance and it affects many genders of all ages, cultures, religion, and some would even say morals.  We must also talk about what is promoted in pornographic videos. From research it stated “Pornography is a major threat to marriages, the family, and the society at large. It is not a private choice without public consequence. Pornography alters both sexual attitudes and behavior, undermining marriage, which in turn, undermines the stability of the entire community” (Fagan, 2016).

My goal is to understand how pornography has any connection with domestic violence, ruining of marriages, and addictive sexual behaviors.  The questions that I would like to focus on would be as follows:

  1. If couples who engage in watching porn have effects when it comes to conjugal relations.
  2. If watching porn leads to infidelity in a marriage.
  3. If watching porn causes issues for a man or woman to have normal relations with their spouse.
  4. If it promotes violent behavior and the downgrade of women. 

     My research will come from the Master and Johnson research community; this is when it comes to the context and the methods that I will implement to the study.  From reviewing and studying their work, I will be able to understand sexual treatments, response and dysfunctions.  This will be of major importance when learning how much of an impact that pornography has on a society. What I plan on implementing for the study is questionnaires, observing, which will consist of pornographic imagery. I would request for individuals who watch pornographic viewing to be those who are a part of the study.  These individuals must struggle or not struggle with effects of porn. I would allow anyone who would like to participate to be a part of this research. However, I will only allow individuals who are 18 years or older to apply. During my research study, I will make it my duty to insure the privacy and confidentiality of the participants. I will make sure that it is understood that the views of each individual is respected and considered. This will depend on their religious background, culture, and customs. If there are individuals who refuse to work with this study, I will not push them to do so in any way that may seem aggressive, I will give them a right to participate at their own risk or not partake in the study.


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