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I felt like this is a conversation that many avoid. I feel like sometime that the reason why women can’t find a good man, I’d because most of our men ate gay. Let me just say, I am not against it, I just wonder if this has to do with women not finding love. I noticed that a lot of the men that I am attracted too, are gay and in happy relationships. It almost seem like gay men are more loyal, fun, and supportive. When I see and date straight men, they tend to cheat, abuse, and are scared to commit. This is why I feel like I should find me a lover of same sex. I think if I found a significant other, I would try to find another woman to be in relationship with. To me it feels safe, because every man I have been with has cheated on me, abuse me, or did not have a good solid life plan. Most straight men are afraid to commit, and they do not respect the relationship. I like how gays support each other and how they love each other. This is why I am thinking about trying this out with women. I have never seen so much love in a relationship than I do in same sex. They actually talk to each other, and celebrate special days, and even go to have babies together. Sometimes, I am a little jealous of that love. We all have to admit, when it comes to love, gays have it right when it comes to their partners.