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Can I just say, that the Real Housewives of Dubai is one of the most terrible reality shows I’ve ever seen in my whole entire life. I cannot understand where Bravo is trying to go with this, but this show could have been non existent. I really think something has to be done. I don’t understand anyway what the whole show was centered on, because most of the women are conceited and only brag about how much money they have and who they’re f******. I think at this point, no one really cares about how much money you have, or how many fillers you got in your face, or how many men that you had in your bed. I feel that people want to see something that has a little bit of substance, and Bravo has not filled that Mark with these shows. I think Bravo needs to rethink this whole franchise of real housewives and just let this s*** go. I know that they were disappointed that the Real Housewives of Atlanta didn’t work out, but they have to understand that people are pretty much tired of seeing the same old s***. Now we felt that Real Housewives of Dubai was going to bring something new, but in this case, we see different after watching the first episode Wednesday.

I understand that Bravo has to make its money the best way it knows how, but they could have left this show alone because this is really going to be a fail. If they decide to keep it on television, they better bring on somebody worth seeing. No one really cares about the parties, no one cares about the pifillers, the houses, no one cares about the men in your bed, no one really cares about anything that’s going on with the Real Housewives of Dubai. The whole thing seemed set up and it seems very fake and phony. I am tired of seeing black women try to act like they’re not black, and try to give a Persona that they are doing better than the next b****. This is just all really sad to me because black culture has come to nothing but low values, and women on camera acting like hood rats. I just really want to see better for black women and men. Stop being a sellout for the dollar bill.