The Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man Friday after conducting a search at a suspected drug house in St. Petersburg. Deputies said that detectives found a marijuana growing operation after searching a home on 55th Avenue North. According to an affidavit, around 43.5 grams of marijuana were found inside the home. Deputies also found 12 ballasts, 12 LED tubes, LED light racks, and marijuana pots in a “premature state of growth.”

So they got this man for drugs, and I will say in St Petersburg Florida, there is always the issue with people who are selling drugs and getting away with this particular crime. But in this case, this man was selling and running a drug operation out of his home. From what I heard he was growing a marijuana Factory in his backyard. How on Earth is the police not going to know about this and they just find out now. Another thing that I have, is that there’s many people in the Saint Petersburg Florida, area who are selling drugs out of their homes, out of their garages, and so many other places. What is worse, is that they are doing this crime in neighborhoods where children go to school. I will give this information to people who need it. If you are looking to stay in a neighborhood, you should stay away from Fairfield Ave S, Fairfield Ave N. And just know right beside the school,, in a beige home,, it is right across the street,, they are selling drugs out of their garage. The house sits at the corner of Fairfield where the stop sign is. It has a big tree in yard and it’s right by the street. Something has to be done;