Pinellas Technical School in the heart of St. Petersburg, has teamed up with Disney to make life easier for Florida residents and park goers. Meet the first prototype that is designed to take park goers to their destination throughout the Walt Disney World theme parks. This people traveler is self driving and from the looks of it, seems like it could carry a family of four or five in my opinion. It has air condition to handle the hot summer heat waves, and is very well insulated for those cool winter nights. As I probed further to get a better look, I can tell it sensed my presence and actually yielded and at one point and even stopped. How fantastic is this, a safe and cool people mover for all weather conditions.

I was told by an anonymous source, that Disney delivered this unit to PTEC St. Petersburg, a few years ago to iron out all the kinks. How about that ground breaking development from Pinellas Technical Educational Center. This says a lot about the school. To have Disney chose them over the many other tech schools out there says they got the brain now bring the rain Disney.