Everyone seems to want Amber Heard out of the picture especially when it comes to Aquaman 2. I am not surprised at all by all the ruckus around getting her off of this new movie. This for sure is cancel country. If you mess up, you can find yourself up hill without a paddle. There’s no secret that her career has gone down the drain. Tell me, who do you think would want to work with her when she has such a bad reputation as she does. She thought that she was going to mess this up for Johnny Depp, but instead she messed things up for herself. I do feel bad for her in some way, I know she doesn’t have the money to pay Johnny Depp, and she will go around with this little pity party that she’s going to have with herself and other people. I just really think that this is a wake-up call for her to just change the way that she is. She can’t blame anyone but herself because she was the reason why all of this stuff started. I understand that no one is perfect, but really let’s look at all the evidence that points to her sleeping around with different people, while she was in her marriage. Not to mention, the abuse that Johnny Depp suffered by her hands. She denied everything that she did and it came out to be valid. How does she expect anyone to trust her? At this point, her career is just over. I don’t think she has a chance to redeem herself at all, and anyone who’s willing to work with her are putting themselves in a really hard place. The lawsuit was a big joke, she got 2 million dollars, and she really deserved nothing. Johnny Depp however deserve every penny that he got.