There are some good subs on LSA but I’ve noticed there is a lot of toxicity on there too. They make it seem like being a black woman is the worst thing ever and that the world hates you. They also spend a lot of time tearing each other apart. Calling other commenters ugly, stupid, crazy. They also hate anyone who isn’t black as well. Before I started dating it effected my self esteem because I assumed no one would want to date a black girl based on what many of the site would say. Also let me just say that they also talk so terrible about anyone in the LGBTQ community. I mean this is exactly why I came to this forum to share my frustrations. It seems that they are toxic and I see now why they are rated so low on the engines. It embarrasses me to be called black because they love to state that they are the largest African American Forum. Pretty soon, it will not be a forum from all the fucking lawsuits they will have from users.