So I am watching The Wendy Williams Show this morning, and I got to say I was really really disappointed. I am disappointed that Wendy Williams is not on the show, but also after hearing the story of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson showing PDA all over the f****** place. I am so tired of Kim Kardashian and her bulshit, it seems like she just has to always get this type of attention no matter where she goes or who she’s with. I don’t care what a lot of you have to say, but I know that she did Kanye wrong from the very beginning. Kanye West was a person who really loved Kim Kardashian, and he pretty much was her dog for years. A lot of people don’t want to believe that Kim Kardashian has a real dark side, but you need to wake up and smell the f****** coffee.

I hate it when they try to make Kanye West seem like he’s crazy and all, when really the whole crazy thing came from Kim Kardashian herself. Anyone who has to live with Kim Kardashian in the house with all the superficial s***, they have been victim to being the person who will go crazy at some point in time. I am so tired of people always trying to make Kanye West look like the bad guy, you have to really pay attention to what is really going on. What Kim Kardashian really had a problem with, was when Kanye told her to put some damn clothes on her ass. This is the reason why Kim Kardashian got so upset and felt like she could not do it anymore with Kanye. Now just calling you have a right to tell to put some damn clothes on, well maybe not, but Kanye has to really face the fact that he married somebody that he wish he had never had. This is really just all pathetic to see the stuff going on and on on social media, I just think something has to be said because I’m tired of people trying to make Kanye look like the bad guy.