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Bobby Brown talked about almost being molested by priest. He mentioned while being in care, that one if the holy ones, touched his punishment and he ran. I think now more than ever, all priest are being exposed for the dirt that they did. It’s so sad that this is all happening. I think that a lot of these so called pastors are continuously showing us, that we cannot trust them around our children. What is more depressing, this happened when he was just a young boy. He was scared and felt like he needed to get away. Just think about how many other children that did not have an opportunity to not get away. This world is very very sad, and I think that when we have leaders who are doing the most and hurting our children, it shows that we cannot trust anyone to be around our children. I would advise anyone who is following organized religion and thinking that everything is okay, to make sure that you protect your children at all cost, because it is nothing but the devil running rapid in these churches.