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I have been around for quite sometime, and I can not understand why people feel like you have to have a big ass to be attractive. To be honest, the women with these oversized asses look abnormal. The women who naturally has a big ass, they have to understand that their weight is proportioned and most times, these women are overweight. The women getting these butt implants look foolish and it seems that they have such a hippo look.

I mean it’s your body do what you please, but the truth is that this look is not natural and it does not look good on all women. I would advise any woman who wants to get but implants, to make sure that they get their legs proportioned as well. This really is a time where women are doing the absolute most for no damn reason. Women you are beautiful like God made you. You do not have to go under the knife, to get all this work done to be beautiful. I am more sadden that this is what the world has come too. We make getting all this work a natural thing and even worship and praise women who do it! I cannot sit back and watch and say nothing. We have truly lost our way, if we think that getting cosmetic surgery is a good thing.