I have been inside both places for years and I can’t stop going to either one. It’s like a relationship where your dating 2 women and they both have what you need and want. You can’t let the one go cause she can cook her azz off, and the other one knows how to make you feel Good. So your torn between both women. Walmart makes you feel FN good, they got low prices, they can dress you up for any occasion and they got pretty much anything you need in the store. But they got a lot of lip service at the checkout, and they won’t help you find a dam thang. They got attitudes throughout the store from the workers there, and they always talking on their hidden blue tooth devices, which they think you can’t see or hear. But I’m some how drawn back to her (Walmart).

Now my babe Publix makes me feel Great when I’m inside her. The store that is, has great customer service and gives me the best baked cookies and cakes around. They can cook they azz off and make the best sandwiches in my opinion. It’s always how can I help you sweetie with a smile like I just rocked they world. As I head to the back of the store, I feel like a celeb, every time I pass a store associate, It’s what’s up how you doin, haven’t seen you in a while. Last but not least, they know how to steam them crab legs I’m craving. How do you want it? How does if feel? The only problem I got in this relation is they are to FN high. They to expensive! nobody wants to dig deep in the pockets all the dang time. Sometimes yes, But not all the time. But I F wit, em, and every now and then they give me good BOGO. 😂

But I keep coming back to them and hopefully I can choose one to be fully committed to….