To be completely honest, I see that this new season of basketball wives is just as fake as can be. I hope that I am not going to be forced to watch Malaysia and Brandy argue the whole damn season. I saw part of the trailer for the third episode, and it seems like it’s more so made up. I hate to watch shows where clearly it seems to be overly dramatized. As I get older, I start to see past the bullshit. Shaunie O’Neal matched these girls together so that she could have a good show since Evelyn and Tami left. I was actually kind of shocked that OG never finished talking it out with the ladies. To me, having OG on was more of a good story than these bitches they have now. I knew something had to be wrong, when they decided to put Angel Brinks on with that damn Rocc Star. I hope and pray that episode three is better than what I saw last week. Some of these women should not be on the show. I guess its really hard these days to find talent 😪 😕