Everything had changed! You are going to get mad because Walmart does not want to take back your nasty ass mattress. I can’t with some people. I feel like people are all too damn entitled, and feel like the world revolves around them. It’s bad when you have to worry about being shot, because you did not heed to their request. First the mattress was returned late, and secondly the mattress was filthy. Walmart has every right not to accept the return. I really wish people would understand that there are rules in place for us to follow in this country. Telling someone you have a gun and you plan to shoot someone will be a free pass for you to go to jail. You can’t say these things or do these things. This is why more than ever there has to be better gun laws. Everyone does not need to have access to them. I just think now more than ever, people think that gun violence is the answer to every problem. News flash!! It’s not!! It’s time for people to reflect and think before they act. You do not have the right to take someone’s life no matter what the circumstance maybe.