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I don’t care what anyone says, this place is a rat hole. I got myself a burger from the restaurant, but I ordered the food on phone. When I placed my order, the lady was rude and rushed me on the phone. Then when I arrived at the property, in the back it was very very dirty. The restaurant had food on the ground and it look like rodents were living in the back. I also have to mention that they keep water and other trash in the back of restaurant, and it looks like a hot ass mess. After seeing this, I could not force myself to ear at the restaurant. The burgers however, are burgers you can make at home. I just think it’s important that I warn people about this place. You have to be very careful of where you eat. This is my experience,so you have to have your own. I hope that you make a better choice or do research before just eating at any Florida restaurant. Just know that many South Florida restaurants, has this terrible reputation of being busted by the health department.