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The long awaited sequel to the box office smash Top Gun hits the theaters Friday. The title of the new movie is Tom Cruise’s Top Gun 2 Maverick. And usually when actors do sequels to their great originals,they end up being flops. Especially when they place their names on top. But the first movie in the 80’s drew world wide attention and opened up a huge military campaign for all the armed services. High school seniors and young adults poured into what ever branch of the armed services they could get in. Hoping to fly the fighter jets or live that u lost that loving feeling bar life style, the first movie introduced.

The sequel I hope brings that same energy, romance, humor and closing that the original film did. The one where even though Maverick played by Tom Cruise loses his best friend, still manages to have a relationship, compete in the Top Gun naval academy, and at the same time serve the United States Navy. Top Gun 2 has to have that same level and more to be the movie that people can say was better than the first, or make once again the recruitment energy bigger like the first one did. In an already struggling military, now a days can use the best of the best right now. So go check it out Top Gun 2 and let me know if it Soars or Burned.