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I am at the point where I feel like it’s a waste watching this show. Monique is acting like a crazed person, and the other women are boring, and No one cares to know who they are. I am honestly surprised that Monique and Chris are still Married. All I hear from her is complaining and I am really feeling sad for Chris Samuel’s. Girl! You knew what you got when you married this man. Why are you acting like you don’t have any idea? I am just so frustrated with all of this. Monique claims that she wants more romance, but every chance you get, you are belittling your husband, making references like its bad to be where he is from, and it just seems like he will never be good enough for you.

The problem that I have is, you had no problem getting with this man in the beginning. I think mostly because he had money. If he didn’t have a dime, would you be with him? It seems that you are asking more from a man that has already given you a life that most women would dream of having. Monique in my eyes seems like a selfish bitch who does not know how to count her blessings. She wants to be the talk of the town, the conversation on others lips, and if she us not, she gets mad and feel like you have offended her in some way. In reality, Monique is the one that needs to grow up.