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Grady Judd is in some trouble it seems, after making fun of a mentally ill woman. I find that this case could change the game for a lot of people. When I saw this going on, I must admit that I was shocked when I learned that Florida’s favorite Sherriff was in some legal trouble. If this goes far, I am wondering what the outcome will be for Grady Judd. Many believe that what Grady Judd did was valid. However, most feel that he should pay for the insensitive comments about Tianis Jones. My question is, how was Grady suppose to know that Tianis Jones had a mental illness? Secondly, Why does it make it right for her to trash a McDonalds? In my opinion, just because you have a mental illness, does not make it right for you to be free to attack, hurt, or trash other people’s property.

No doubt Grady Judd made a huge mistake. It’s not his right to talk about a person, when he is suppose to be neutral with his job. His mistake was when he felt the need to call Tianis Jones names being that she suffers with mental illness. This all just really went to far. I also think that Grady was looking to make money off of a YouTube channel, which is why we started seeing him do the dramatics. My thing is, if you want to be a YouTuber, then quit your job and do that. It seems to me that people will do just about anything for money. Grady was worried about being everyone’s favorite sheriff rather than just doing his job.