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Ex- Buccaneer player Antonio Brown has decided he is done with football 🏈 for the time being. Antonio who was released from the team last season for his misconduct on and off the field. Has decided to put his skills of lyrics and rapping to the test. Of course, I probably wouldn’t want to listen to or even buy any of his music. To each his own, and if that’s how he wants to either make or lose his money, Then so be it! I just hope he get’s the mental help he needs to live a productive life. In my opinion, rapping is the least unstable out of football. Reason I say that is, in football you have to stay some what grounded. You’re held at a higher accountability from your teammates and organization. Where as being a rapper you are a lone wolf. If you get in into any trouble, you become this beast to the label. They either promote more of you or they turn a quiet eye to you. Which means, they watch to see if they can make more money off your situation. So Antonio get the mind right and the body will follow.