Screen Shot

I’m not trying to be picky, but it’s so frustrating when I go to watch a good movie on television, and I can’t find a movie that I would like to enjoy. It seems that all these movie sites are getting low budget films and thinking they can take my money that I worked hard for. I am just really upset because I know that there are movies out there that has been out for years, that could be aced on the site to watch with my plan.

I am really starting to understand now, that it is a waste of time having these sites. I could do better by just watching YouTube. It’s really crazy that these movie sites are taking advantage of people, placing these low budget crappy movies, thinking that I am going to enjoy watching them. If I am paying a monthly fee to see movies, then give me what I paid for and show me real productions. I honestly don’t understand why Amazon has this problem at all, because it told creators just a few years back that they were no longer accepting films made by by independent home productions.

There really has to be a change. I am not going to sit here and waste any more money on something that I know I’m getting ripped off on. I would really like an explanation, or possibly a refund for the whole month that I had to sit here and watch crappy s***. It makes no sense.