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Allegedly a doctor told Kourtney Kardashian to drink Travis’ Scott’s semen four times a day to help with her thyroids. Kourtney addresses and confirmed this on an episode of their show The Kardashians. Apparently it’s was said by Dr. Quack, that it would help with them trying to conceive and have children. Of course this has never been medically proven, but many urban legends suggest this works.

In my opinion, this is far more like witchcraft type sh#t. Maybe she went to a witch doctor. Or maybe she, like the rest are into that type of 🐂 💩. This is how they get down I guess. Someone told me they was like that, but I had to see it for myself. Bunch of witches from Eastwick. That just goes to show you the level they will go to keep people intertwined in their family. It’s almost like that movie GET OUT. Where the family messed, other peoples minds up by hypnosis type stuff. So please do not try this stuff at home. Unless you a freak like that and y’all into it.