Screen Shot

I’m watching the Brat loves Judy and I realize that the Brat mentioned that she was interested in girls in the 90s. This was not a surprise really, we all kind of knew that the Brat was gay before even the Brat came out and said it herself. Why is it that it’s so difficult for people to just say they were gay? I think the love that the brat has for Judy is a beautiful thing. It’s true when they say that there is always somebody for someone. I just think it’s time for the Brat to stop worrying about how people look at her, and just be her unapologetically.

One thing that the Brat mentioned in the first look was, that many people did not accept this lifestyle in the 90’s. She also talked about how Elken lost her show behind it. It’s crazy how the world has changed, and many are acceptable to this today. Although everyone does not agree with the lifestyle, it still says something that we can be at this point today. This is a surprise to see the Brat living her life out loud. You would think that she would have been done this, being that she was always so out there with her music.