So I had a bank account that I had just opened up to start putting in my funds. Luckily I did not put a lot of money inside of the bank right away because scammer has decided to happen. They somehow got my account numbers from Fifth Third Bank, and then put the numbers to their bank account and then did some PayPal verified to make sure that the money would come off a little bit. Then after they get did that and they realize that the little money I did come off, they decided to take over $400,000 in my bank account isn’t this some s***. The PayPal Verify was the scammers bank and the pictures below are my bank where they tried to take over 400,000.

I immediately called Fifth Third Bank, and I told them about what was going on. I was highly pissed that the bank did not do anything about these charges knowing that it was not done by me. I would think they would watch transactions more, when they see a lot of suspicious activity. I just cannot believe that the bank did not even flag the account, when they notice her someone was trying to take over $400,000 out of my account. So if I did have my paycheck in for that week, I would have been broke because I don’t have over $400,000 in my bank account. I thought I would share this because Fifth Third has been hacked numerous of times. I do not think that this is a type of bank that you want to be associated with especially if you care about your money. I will try a more secure bank than to trust them. Scammers are doing just about anything to get whatever they can get from you. It started with phone scams, to cell phone scams, to email scams, to bank fraud this is really getting out of control this is the one thing I hate about America.